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 The Interview (2014)

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The Interview (2014) Empty
PostSubject: The Interview (2014)   The Interview (2014) EmptySun Dec 28, 2014 3:54 pm

The Interview (2014).

I had the gross misfortune of watching this movie, i knew exactly what it was going to be like, totally un-funny just like everything else that Seth Rogan is involved with. How can a movie involving that North Korean nutcase not be funny, the guys haircut is fucking hilarious, there isn't one funny line in the entire movie. The penny dropped after fifty or so minutes, we've all been made to believe that this movie has caused some international political stir and that's why it's release was cancelled. I'd bet my own life that the North Korean pie muncher's never heard of this movie, and even if he has heard of it its only because of all the recent hype, utter nonsense and nothing more than a marketing ploy. In my opinion they decided not to release this movie for one simple reason, its a comedy that doesn't make you laugh, in basic and simple terms its a pile of shit.

Heres a note that i just sent to Seth Rogan, it was inspired by President Tito.

Mr Rogan stop sending movies that aren't funny, you've sent five so far, two of them were less funny than a long and slow death from lung cancer and I've been to funnier funerals than the other three movies. If you don't stop sending these movies I'll send someone to blow your backwards, retarded, self important, dumb as fuck Hollywood head off. You talentless and never ever funny Hollywood twat.

Does it need a smiley face at the end?

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PostSubject: Re: The Interview (2014)   The Interview (2014) EmptyMon Dec 29, 2014 12:42 am

Why am I not surprised? Given the history of Mr. Rogan's previous movies, why would this one be any different? I haven't seen this movie, and I really don't think I will. The hype about it and its cancelled release has made everyone into a frenzy of just having to see it.  One guy on the news said he had to see it because he had to support our country and the freedom of speech, so he felt bound to check it out. I lost how count how many times it's been talked about on the news. It's a great marketing technique, not that it was a marketing technique of course. Tell someone you can't have something, and now they want it ten times more, even if the product is really totally crap. North Korea is seriously all bent up over this one silly little movie, huh?

I agree with you that too many (meaning pretty much all) of Rogan's movies are just really not that funny. Every time I go to watch one, I keep hoping it will change; I do want them to be funny. But the only thing that's going to change is me not watching it.
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The Interview (2014)
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