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 Prison Break

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PostSubject: Prison Break   Prison Break EmptyTue Nov 18, 2014 7:30 am

Prison Break Pbprof10
My favourite TV-series of all times is Prison Break. I've seen it five times and know (if I don't die before it) I'll watch it again and again. It's worth so many hours of my life. The series consist of four seasons which all are connected but each have a special theme. What first seems to be the story of two brothers ends up being the story of a world conspiracy. I love the characters, how different they are and how they've ended up being who and how they are. They're all vulnerable, they all have issues, have dreams, have reasons for doing what they're doing. As in real life, the more you get to know about a person, here a character, you'll see them in a different light. The feelings for several of the characters in PB changes several times throughout the journey. Someone you've despised for a whole season ends up being one of the most sensitive and honorable persons that you really like, and the other way around. Every single episode ends with an exciting cliff hanger, so it's not hard to want to continue to watch it once you've begun.

I could get you spoilers from the other seasons if you're not convinced, but I'd rather not and hope you'll trust me on that you wont regret stepping into this and not regret it afterwards.

Fun thing to know when you start watching it; my fav characters are Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell played by Robert Knepper, and Alexander Mahone (enters season 2) played by William Fichtner. They're brilliant.

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Prison Break
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