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 Wrong (2012)

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PostSubject: Wrong (2012)   Wrong (2012) EmptyWed Oct 01, 2014 12:02 am

Wrong. What's wrong and what's right? What makes sense?

Genre: Surreal comedy.

What happens in the movie you can read below. Below that you'll have some thoughts about the movie.
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Wrong is about a man whose dog one day is suddenly vanished. He calls a new pizzeria to talk to a girl there to distract themselves from the idea that his dog is gone. His name is Dolph, and he still goes to a job he got fired from three months ago, and so he just pretends to work there. It's constantly pouring down rain inside his office. Doplh's gardener calls the girl from the pizzeria and they meet and have sex one evening. She dumps her husband to live her life with the gardener.

It turns out that Dolph's dog has been kidnapped by Master Chang (Fichtner), with the explanation that he kidnaps people's pets to get them to remember they love them, as he then reunites them. The problem this time is that the kidnapper's car burned up and the dog disappeared. A private investigator looking for the dog (by analyzing poop from it, apparently the poop's memory could be conected to a small television screen so they could see everything from the perspective of the poop when the dog was kidnapped, but all this was really unnecessary to know as Master Chang already told Doplh that it was he who kidnapped the dog. It was also Chang himself who hired the detective but forgot to tell the part about him being the kidnapper of the dog.

Chang has written a few books about how to make telepathic contact with dogs, and Dolph achieves this and knows that the dog (Paul) is alive. Now the pizza-girl has moved in with Dolph, as she sees no difference between Dolph and gardener but think they are the same man (Dolph looks kind of like the exact opposite of the gardener). The gardener dies after having carried and planted a palm tree in Dolph's garden, after the previous palm tree turned into a pine tree. Then he resurrected however, to drive the pizza-girl to the beach where she gives birth to a type 8-year-old son after having been pregnant for one day.

A guy paints cars with paint so Dolph can't find his car...*spoiler alert* and goes and finds the dog again and everything will be fine, just as Chang dreamed the day before. Chang watching from his limmo and then go on to look at more reunifications. He even tried to get Dolph to adopt another pet, a type ten year old boy, but Dolph did not want it. ehm ...
He had a neighbor who could not admit that he jogged every morning, and set off to get to know yourself better, and travelled to the end of the world ...

I interpreted it as ridiculing cliché events, while also questioned why it would be ridiculous. And as Master Chang says straight out:  you are happy and love new things or animals or people for that matter, but as time goes on and you can find other stuff, you "forget" to appreciate the old. So when it is taken away from you it strikes you that you really don't want to get rid of it, and start to love it again as if it were new once you get it back.

The movie felt a bit like one of those European movies winnings a lot of fancy awards. Like Cannes (?)... Not a lot of music, long takes with not so many words or with many many words which just doesn't really say much. A real wtf-experience for sure.

Would I recommend it?

Well, look who's in it.

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Wrong (2012)
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