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 Planet of the apes (2011+2014)

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PostSubject: Planet of the apes (2011+2014)   Planet of the apes (2011+2014) EmptyTue Aug 05, 2014 12:27 pm

Rise of the Planet of the Apes: (R)evolution

Action/drama/sci-fi. 2011. 103 mins.

I'd only seen Planet of the Apes from 2001 before I was told about this movie. It, together with the sequel, is meant to tell us how planet of the apes became the planet of apes. Humans rule the planet (Earth), and we get to follow scientists in their lab trying to come up with a cure for Alzheimer. They've come so far that they're testing on apes. One of the scientists, Will, has a father who's got Alzheimer, and when Will realises that the "cure" not only repares the brain but evolves it, he give the cure to his father. So, the point in that was EVOLVES, which the testing ape does, by getting smarter. But when she gets furious and try to escape, every ape is put down - except from a baby ape - Caesar. Will takes Caesar home and raise him. It turns out he has inherited his mother's mutated genes and is as smart as any human, he learns sign language and even how to talk like a man...  

Bric-a-brac: Harry Potter-Malfoy Tom Felton is in this movie..!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

2014. 130 mins.

Ten years has past since the end of the first movie, and most of the human world population has been erased by a virus. A small group of ppl trying to find a water source to create electricity meet the ape population, and trust is the big issue. Caesar, being the leader of the apes, is however more open for helping the humans out than his friend Koba - one of the apes from the first film who got to endure torture by the humans. It all turn out in a war between human and apes - the beginning of the what makes Earth the planet of the apes...

Def worth checking out, has realistic explanations which make it feel like more than a sci-fi film. I feel that the message is that we're all so much alike. That the apes really symbolise humans and question why we all fight and have war in this world when we are the same. The animation of the apes is great, it's actual human actors which has a device on them which tracks every move they make which then turns them into visual apes. Much more action in the second movie than in the first, the first one is the background story which makes the second one logic.

Planet of the apes (2011+2014) Rise-of-the-Planet-of-the-Apes-2011 Planet of the apes (2011+2014) Dawn-planet-apes-trailer-570x294

Planet of the apes (2011+2014) Andy-Serkis-filming-performance-capture-for-Rise-of-the-Planet-of-the-Apes
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Planet of the apes (2011+2014)
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