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 Ash vs. Evil Dead

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PostSubject: Ash vs. Evil Dead   Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:42 am

This is one of my favorite shows I'm following/watching. The story is set after the three movies that were made back in the 80s/90s era. Same main character; same story writers. Absolutely fun to watch. It's like an over the top B movie action horror/comedy that never takes itself too seriously; but I feel that's exactly what the show is going for.

Basically we've got our older, but not so much wiser main character, Ash Williams who rebooted this entire evil mess by unwittenly reopening the book of the dead. He proceedes to team up with his co-workers at Value Stop, Pablo and Kelly and together, the three of them have to simply save humanity. No pressure.

But that's just how the story starts...

To get an idea of what you are getting into:

If you watched the older movies, you will get an additional kick out of the inside jokes and some more understanding with the main character/back story. But by no means is it a requirement to watch. This show can stand on it's on; especially with the added chemistry coming from the side characters, Pablo and Kelly; who do a great job of complementing and balancing out the guy who has a chainsaw for a hand and a beer in the other.

The episodes are only a thirty minutes long so it might seem a bit short; but they are pretty jam packed nuggets that can get a bit intense on the gory/crazy side. So I actually think it's best watched like a side dish..or dessert?

It has already aired two seasons on Starz and the third season is on right now!

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Ash vs. Evil Dead
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