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 Game Review - Elite: Dangerous (PC, XBOX ONE)

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Game Review - Elite: Dangerous (PC, XBOX ONE) Empty
PostSubject: Game Review - Elite: Dangerous (PC, XBOX ONE)   Game Review - Elite: Dangerous (PC, XBOX ONE) EmptyWed Apr 05, 2017 2:27 am

Fly safe, commander o7

* Genre: Space Exploration
* Release year: 2014
* Developer: Frontier (RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, Zoo Tycoon, Planet Coaster)

Galaxy wide exploration, space combat, co-op sailing, trading between systems hundreds of lightyears appart, taxi-driving tourists to places of galactic interest loaded with lore. Climbing the ranks of one of the three main factions, collaborating in weekly global goals with the rest of the community, finding ancient ruins while riding your rover on a distant planet's surface. Watching two suns set in real time, as darkness cover the long distant mountains you may dare to discover. I have invested over 140 hours in this game, and quite literally haven't even scratched the surface.

The game will feel empty for some for some extra meaning. I think it is better described as a little explorer's dream. But the thing is, you choose the way you would like to approach the game. You may focus on combat, save money to build a beast of a ship and go fight pirates for a reward, or even become a pirate yourself and take other player's hold. You can become a professional trader, and look for profit in selling from one market to another. You may prefer the life of a miner, and live up there in the countless asteroid belts looking for a real gold ore. Or like me, remove that exploration void and go literaly out there, anywhere in the galaxy, and find solar systems with three stars and 20 planets, encounter an alien ship (the developers keep adding to the lore) or alien ruins, even as of relatively recent discoveries, alien life. Constant changes and updates keep the game healthy, and future additions such as atmospheric planet landings are extremely exciting! And talk about atmosphere, the music in this game is fantastic. As a galactic symphony, it carries you from the epic of a high-speed fly-by of a planetary ring system to the terrifying nature of space combat against ferocious enemies. It knows how to relax you or get your heartbeat rate up just right.

I will surely expand this with time, adding some lore and description of the game's future plans. For now, I'll leave some screenshots of my adventures, as I am travelling towards the center of the Milky Way, at the moment around 7000 light-years from home, harvesting fuel from stars and finding systems yet unknown to mankind. Take into account that these are taken from the Xbox One version, you could find really stunning pictures online from PC players. The game is beautiful.

Approaching the Lagoon Nebula:

Solar eclipse seen from my "home" station:

Getting dangerously close to a Pulsar:

View of an Earth-like planet from the bridge (not landable at the moment, sadly):

Sunset from a rocky word tens of light-years from Earth:

Pros and cons:

- Quite literally a sandbox in space, with guns and lore.
- You feel the dangerous part for real, and the game leads you to intense moments.
- Time passes for real in the game. Set in the year 3303, each day goes by in the game just like in real life. Planets rotation and translation around their star is also in real time. The game is updated with new data from systems (the last update looks to include the recent description TRAPPIST-1's planets).
- The playerbase is mainly healthy. You may found so black sheeps, but most people will be glad to help.

- It is not for everyone. You may get bored in 30 minutes. Better try it out yourself.
- The learning curve is really steep. Everyday actions such as landing the ship may seem impossible at first, but practice makes perfect. The tutorial has been greatly improved, and is strongly recommended to complete it (at least the basic tasks) before setting sail.
- The continue development is linked to season passes. I think they are worth it for the amount of content and the consistency of the updates, but it is a matter of taste. Game is completely playable without those in any case.

Also, some may list the traveling part as a negative note. In the game you are able to travel at superluminal speeds (if not it would take literally ages to go anywhere). However, you are indeed limited by your ship's jump range. 1000 light-years would seem worrying far away when your first ship is limited to 8-10 light-years jumps in interstellar space. And even the high-end ships, which by no mean would be cheap or accessible for anyone not well in the hundreds of hours, are somewhat limited for really long journeys. I am in the middle of a 18000-20000 light-year trip, and with my mid-range ship (which still costs tens of millions of credits to fully prepare) will take about 700 jumps just to get there, then add the same distance back to the human bubble. This is why this game many (myself included) fire up netflix or youtube, read a book, get some work done or even workout while jumping from solar system to solar system. I quite enjoy the "realistic" approach, so I won't complain, but I see how people might get turned off by this and similar issues.

Comme elle vient ~ Encore et encore
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Game Review - Elite: Dangerous (PC, XBOX ONE)
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