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 The Biggest Problem in the Universe (2014-2016)

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PostSubject: The Biggest Problem in the Universe (2014-2016)   Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:34 pm

The Biggest Problem in the Universe
* Hosts: Maddox, Dick Masterson, Sean Jacobson (Audio Engineer)
* Genre: Comedy / Satire
* Episodes: 107 episodes + 18 bonus episodes + 1 missing episode / ~ 90 minutes per episode
* Active: 2014-2016 (ended)

Warning. This podcast is the bastard child of "professional satirists". Expect loud discussion and adult language, all uncensored! On each episode of The Biggest Problem, we find Maddox and Dick (and many guests) bringing up to four of the biggest problems they could come up with. Discussion ensues with both going at each other's neck to try and derail the problem's presentation.

The premise is kept from episode one. A problem is introduced, discussed and left for the audience to decide its place in the Big List of Problems. The listener's act like an integral part of the podcast. Voting each week whether the problems are indeed important enough to make it through the ranks, sending emails and comments, parodying the hosts, creating songs and remixes (a.k.a. taking the piss), and especially with voice-mails, which grow up in importance as the show goes on. Problems range from universally recognized, think hunger or nepotism, to less obvious ones like bacon workship or hippies.

Compared to later episodes, the show's firsts are "harder" to listen to. If you start from last to first you may find it strange how at first they feel less comfortable, even too serious (especially Maddox and the intro to the show, which was greatly enhanced later on). There is a quality jump from the first to the rest of the episodes thanks to the help of Sean, the audio engineer. He may or may not have brought one or several problems to the show, but he chimes in every now and then with pretty clever and funny insights, and was likely the glue that held the show together, given the constant clashes between the two co-hosts.

The formula of the show does not demand for constant guests in each and every episode. However, a good fourth of the episodes had guest co-hosts with problems of their own. Asterios Kokkinos and Tim Changzzzzz are the most commonly referred visitors. The listeners are also many times the same, and become staple addition to the show. Among the most remembered are Weird Matthew McConaughey and the unknown listener commonly known as Butt Sanchez.

Pros and cons:

.- Two extremely funny individuals with magnificent big as a star egos clash against each other once a week
- They actually mantained an interactive list with all the problems brought to the show, and comment on the audience reactions to the previous week's problems
- The fanbase is fantastic, really involved with the show. They regularly sent in comments, art pieces, songs
- The Seinfeld of podcasts

- Mainly Maddox, they can't sometimes keep their egos to themselves and keep discussing the previous week's problems over and over again to prove their already clear as day points.
- As many kind of long lasting podcasts, they become more and more self-referential. It can be though for new listeners who start and late episodes. To their credit, they made a glossaryto clear some of the recurring jokes up.

To end the introduction to the podcast, some trivia:

- Maddox is a well known satirists, creator of the humor website The Best Page in the Universe, author of The Alphabet of Manliness and I am Better than your Kids (he would say New York Time's bestseller) and youtuber.
- Maddox's real name is George Ouzounian. It is disputed where the internet persona / author ends and the real person starts.
- Dick Masterson is also a persona created by comedian Dax Herrera. Dick's claim to fame is the controversial book Men are Better than Women (satirical work obviously) and his appearence in Doctor Phil's TV Show, where he took his character to the limits and raised great altercations with fellow participants. In the show Dick's views appear somewhat tamed, appearing to show some of Dax's real opinions.
- After the show ended, both Maddox and Dick started their new own shows, The Best Debate in the Universe and The Dick Show which are active to date (april 2017).

Comme elle vient ~ Encore et encore
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The Biggest Problem in the Universe (2014-2016)
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