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PostSubject: Lost    Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:12 am

I adored this show for four season, then I got really lost and Lost lost me as a viewer. During the years I did follow it like a slave and rewatched the episodes again and again on dvd, I thought it was an interesting and exciting show. The diversity of the characters and their roles on the island complemented each other and they all had their own history which were shown through flashbacks. It was a series about the unknown, about learning to cooperate and trust foreigners who would become friends, enemies and lovers. When they found the hatch things started to get a bit stranger, and after season four I felt like I was watching a completely other type of show, with a lot more supernatural things happening, which I didn't really enjoyed after having followed these people as close to reality as possible for so long, to have it changed to drastically to supernatural things, felt a bit like cheating but maybe I'm taking it the wrong way.

The nature were really stunning, and the Hawaii rain was always interesting.

I liked how relationships evolved. Some backwards, some forwards. My favourite character from the start to the end was Sawyer, then Kate. I always end up having the bad boys with vulnerable heart and painful pasts as favourites.

I watched the very last episode and didn't understand much at all. I've read several pages about the ending and still don't get it. Is it meant to be an open ending, or am I just stupid? Would I have to watch everything I missed during the last two seasons, or would that only mess things up even more? I doubt things would make more sense even if I did watch it all. Well, overall - the first three, maybe four seasons were a great thing to watch, and I can still think of the show today sometimes. Maybe because it really lived up to its title name. Maybe because it was one of few series back then that actually aired on TV less than a week after the original broadcasting in the USA..

So, obviously I wonder, have any more seen it? All of it? Who was you favourites and what the hell really happened?    
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PostSubject: Re: Lost    Mon May 25, 2015 1:22 pm

I watched and enjoyed the first season, when they turned it into a money making machine i stopped watching. Thats my main issues with American TV shows, one whiff of success and they make 700 more series of it, they don't know when to stop and they ruin the entire thing and almost turn it into a soap opera.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost    Thu Oct 08, 2015 12:32 am

Well, you see, what happened and what was really going on was....wait, I feel like I've explained this before. Or tried to. And failed. Heck, I don't know. I watched every episode, stuck with it every year, tuned in every week and in the end I'm still not really sure what exactly happened. It drug on waaaay too long. And the longer it went, things got more and more blurry. I'm left thinking the writers didn't even know what was going on. Just make something up and try to explain and fit it in later. Er, I don't know. The first few seasons were great though. The characters were good. And what I really liked about the show in the beginning was all the mysteries to figure out. Mystery about the island, about the people. All I remember about the ending is feeling let down. Or maybe it was more of a wtff?
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PostSubject: Re: Lost    

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