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 Vingar av glas (wings of glass)

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Vingar av glas (wings of glass) Empty
PostSubject: Vingar av glas (wings of glass)   Vingar av glas (wings of glass) EmptyMon Feb 09, 2015 10:00 pm

Vingar av glas (wings of glass) 315632

I remember watching ”Vingar av glas” (wings of glass, 2000, by Reza Bagher) for the first time in school, years ago. I guess it felt kinda hip back then, as it's got a very clear 90's vibe. I watched it again a couple of weeks ago and well, I mentioned that 90's vibe didn't I? Oh, just a sentence ago. Well, enough of that - the story is as follows: Nazli (Sara Sommerfeld) calls herself Sara. She wants to take a motocycle license and be free and independent. She's 18 years old and lives with her father and sister. Her mother died a few years ago. The parents are from Iran and Nazli's life is obviously influenced by it. In Iran, her father was a great actor, in Sweden he barely gets to play a doll show for kids at the kindergarden due to his lack of language pronunciation. The real drama begins when Nazli's father wants her to marry her cousin. Her sister does marry one cousin, and they truly love each other. Nazli doesn't like the cousin she's set up with though, but starts working in his video store to get the money for her driver license. As her father can't get any proper jobs he's broke, and the real reason he's setted up Nazli with her cousin is because that cousin is wealthy. But when the cousin is close to raping her, things gets even more emotional. Meanwhile, the Swedish thug Johan (Alexander Skarsgård) is broke and need money to pay his rent, so he tries to rob the video store Nazli works in. And that's how they meet. They fall in love but things are obviously complicated.

For me, it's a movie about acceptance, respect, love and culture clashes. As I've seen it several times I feel I've become too attached to the movie to see its faults. Like a classic. Good quality. I guess I wouldn't have rewatched it if it wasn't for Skarsgård, but when I do see it again after several years, I do really like the movie itself with it's actors, story and surroundings. As good as it gets for a 00's Swedish film! Wink Apparently it even entered the 23rd Moscow International Film Festival, representing Sweden (won did The US with the movie The Believer). But it did win the national movie award.

And well, thanks to Alex being known in the US nowadays, you can find the movie in parts on youtube..

Vingar av glas (wings of glass) Cmore425_507848939606ee2bf091f36c Vingar av glas (wings of glass) Tumblr_lmpaxjGRV91qds65vo1_500 Vingar av glas (wings of glass) Hqdefault Vingar av glas (wings of glass) 461119479_640
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Vingar av glas (wings of glass)
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