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 The Line of Beauty

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PostSubject: The Line of Beauty    Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:08 pm

The Line of Beauty

A 3 hour long mini series from BBC, 2006.
An interesting, exciting and tragic drama about a young man named Nicholas Guest who moves in with his friend's family (when his friend is moving out). The family happen to be very rich as the father is politicly involved and even hosts a party with PM Margaret Thatcher as the guest. Oh yeah, because it's all set out in the 80's, and AIDS is spreading. Nick himself is gay and one gets to see his perspective on how AIDS affect his life as people he loves fades away - one of them who leaves him early on, poor but the real love of his life, and one who he's making a magazine with and whose father owns a wealthy empire. But also what the media thinks of him as they finds out he's been the conservative political family's lodger for four years. The daughter of the family takes lithium due to a psychological condition, she's sick of her family and smug dad, and becomes very good friend with Nick.

I think it was a pleasant watch, got more and more interesting as things didn't really go as one thought they would, not very predictable in other words, at least not for me. I watched it as a long movie instead of as a series.
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The Line of Beauty
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